Courtside Policies

UpdatedFriday September 11, 2015 byJBL.

The goals of the JBL are to ensure sportsmanship, fun, safety, instruction, and balanced competition for all participants.

In an effort to facilitate these goals, there must be a collaborative effort between coaches, parents, players, referees and management. To that end, we respectfully ask you-  the parents - to assist us with the following courtside policies and guidelines:


1. Please arrive in a timely manner.  Not only will your child miss the pregame drills, but more importantly, if players are late, the coach will be unable to familiarize himself/herself with the players and will therefore have a difficult time fielding a balanced team. Games may be adversely affected by latecomers, and the coaches might be forced to use rotations that are not properly balanced. We are confident that if there is a full squad for pregame practice, that the coaches and players will get used to one another and have a positive experience. Special drills will also be incorporated into the pregame warm-up which your child should not miss.
2. We have placed benches behind the baskets for the players to sit on when they are not in the game. We have done this for a number of reasons. Not only does it makes them look and feel like "real" players, but it provides them an opportunity to pay attention to the game and get a feel for and discuss what is transpiring on the court. In addition, it is a safety issue, as players normally sit on the base of the basket if they're not on the bench, which is clearly dangerousWe respectfully ask parents not to sit on the players' benches during the games and not to encourage your child to sit with you when he/she is not in the game.
3. Please do not yell at the coaches or referees.  Please allow the coaches and referees to do their jobs. The season is young, and it's not unusual to undergo a short "feeling out" process. It serves no purpose for anyone to yell at the coach or referee before or during the games. Winning and losing is never more important than exhibiting proper conduct and respect. Input and feedback is always welcome and encouraged, whether positive or negative, but please exercise restraint and discretion. One of the commissioners is usually present to listen to your comments, plus the coaches are open to feedback from the commissioners once the game is over.

4.  In the interest of safety, please wipe your feet and do not walk on the court with wet shoes when there’s inclement weather. Please make sure your strollers are dry as well. As petty as this might sound, there have been numerous instances of players slipping on wet floors during games. We would like to avoid needless injuries. The high school has been nice enough to provide additional floor mats to wipe your wet shoes upon entry to the building.  

5. Please remove your child's jewelry prior to the game. W atches, bracelets, necklaces, some earrings and other hanging accessories pose serious safety hazards to your child during the course of a basketball game. We treasure safety over fashion.

6. We ask that all players wear shorts for the games and wear only gym sneakers, not Merrills or other footwear.  It will be more comfortable for them, they will look like players and, believe it or not, longer pants have potential safety risks.

7. In the event of inclement weather or possible weather-related cancellations, please consult the website by 8:15 Sunday morning for updates. Phone calls to Dawn or the commissioners are not necessary.