BREAKING NEWS! Added special session!

1pm session- Limited spacing- for 1st-2nd graders

Updated Sunday August 19, 2018 by JBL Mailing.

NEW!! 1ST & 2ND GRADERS - BOYS & GIRLS – 1:00–2:00pm- Limited spots available for those unable to attend the noon session due to religious school and other similar conflicts. 

The NOON session is the primary session for 1st- 2nd graders. However, we have added a smaller session at 1pm

Here's why:

Please note that JBL takes great pride in being a fabric of the Westchester community and bringing together Jewish families of various schools, denominations and observance levels. In recent years, we have discovered that some families were unable to participate because of scheduling conflicts with religious school. To that end and to mitigate at least part of this problem, we have added an additional session at 1pm for those 1st-2nd graders who attend religious school and unable to make the regularly scheduled noon session.

Due to coaching and court constraints, there are only limited spots available. We hopes this added session allows more children to participate (without having to choose between education and JBL).