Thanks for a great Opening Day, JBL resumes on December 2nd

JBL is off on 11-25 for Thanksgiving weekend. Enjoy!

Updated Thursday November 22, 2018 by Jeff Kapelus.

Thank you all for a tremendous Opening Day. We hope you and your child (ren) enjoyed it.Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and we thank you. For those of you who were unable to make it, we will continue with our instructional clinics and drill stations in the next session or 2. If anyone has other children or friends who are considering joining JBL, but are worried that it's too late, we'll it's not . Teams aren't formed until after the clinics, so there is still time to join. A number of folks have inquired, hope this helped. In the meantime, enjoy your holiday weekend and enjoy time with the family! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!